Location: Beaverton , Ontario
Description – New residential development with 8 living units and 3 ground floor retail units.

Currently in rezoning phase


Custom Residence    Location: Caledon, Ontario
Description – New 20,000 square foot residence, 4 car garage, rear basement walk-out grand double high room, kitchen with rear hidden servery kitchen.  5 large bedrooms, each with ensuite bath, indoor pool and sauna just to name a few!

The project is currently in the site plan approval phase.

TORONTO ZOO WASHROOMS    Location: Toronto, Ontario
Description – Renovation of public washrooms. 

The Toronto Zoo is looking to renovate all public washrooms to reflect current code requirements, accessibility standards and to upgrade its aesthetics and user experience. The request is to provide a look and feel unique to the Zoo's experience.

SECOND of eight washrooms DONE with THIRD under construction and FOURTH starting in the fall.  OUR FIRST ONE WAS VOTED CANADA'S SECOND BEST WASHROOM by - Cintas Best Restroom


 Location: Newcastle, Ontario
Description – New residential development with 39 stacked homes, 9 linked towns and one 6 storey residential building.  Two exterior elevation options currently being considered for the mid-rise, prior to developing the rest of the building and other towns on the site.

Currently in rezoning phase

Some of the several projects currently in progress at various phases sampled below


 Location: Toronto, Ontario
Description – New 5 storey ALL WOOD multi-unit residential development Just north of Jane and Weston Road. 105 units of various sizes with roof top amenity and garden, ground level retail and tenant dining hall and basement level storage, laundry and other amenity areas. Each floor also has an open gathering space



 Location: Barrie, Ontario
Description – New residential development with 4 blocks of back to back towns (each with 16 units), South / West corner of hwy 400 and Ann street.

Currently in Site Plan Approval phase

J U L I U S    H O R V A T H   A R C H I T E C T   INC.

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Tenplex Residential Unit    Location: Cobourg, Ontario
Description – With increasing real estate in the GTA and down sizing, a lot of smaller “satellite” towns have become more attractive to buyers. In addition to singles family and town homes being built at a local developers site, a separate block was created for a denser use with several ten-plex homes to be constructed. 
The FIFTH and SIXTH of 12 buildings FINISHED. Building block 7 and 8 in Planning Approval stage

POOL TO GYM CONVERSATION Location: Oshawa, Ontario

Description – Conversion of an existing un-used pool facility located between the rental condos for CAPREIT, to a gym. Show is the existing pool and proposed 3D illustration of the future gym.

Currently in design phase

Custom Residence    Location: Aurora, Ontario
Description – New 5,000 square foot residence, 3 car garage, 5 bedroom, great room, kitchen with pantry, wine display in a long and narrow site, proving to be a challenge. Resulting in a narrow and long house that present itself well along a private access route

The project is currently in the site plan approval phase.

Commercial Plaza    Location: Toronto, Ontario
Description – New 215,000 square foot commercial retail plaza to be constructed a few blocks North of Jane along Weston Road. Two levels of parking, 1 main open retail level for (future tenants), 2 upper levels of commercial units

The project is currently in the site plan approval phase.


 Location: Keswick, Ontario
Description – New 10,000 s.f. retail multi-unit retail plaza with a contemporary aesthetic, complete with drive-thru facility for future restaurant tenant

Currently in SPA Review